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My Car Does What icon is a national campaign to help educate drivers on new vehicle safety technologies designed to help prevent crashes.

service layer plan

Iowa DOT Cooperative Automated Transportation (CAT) Service Layer Plan

This document defines the plan for the CAT Service Layer by describing challenges and opportunities, existing services and conditions, future direction, gaps and actions to bridge them, performance metrics, and estimated costs.

vision for safety

US DOT Automated Driving Systems: A Vision for Safety 2.0 (ADS 2.0)

ADS 2.0 calls for industry, state and local governments, safety and mobility advocates, and the public to lay the path for the deployment of automated vehicles and technologies.

future of transportation

US DOT Preparing for the Future of Transportation: Automated Vehicles 3.0 (AV 3.0)

AV 3.0 builds upon ADS 2.0 by expanding the scope to all surface on-road transportation systems.


Ensuring American Leadership in Automated Vehicle Technologies: Automated Vehicles 4.0 (AV. 4.0)

AV 4.0 builds upon AV 3.0 by expanding the scope to 38 relavant United States Government components which have direct or tangential equities in safe development and integration of AV technologies.

jurisdictional guidelines

Safe Testing and Deployment of Vehicles Equipped with Automated Driving Systems Guidelines - Edition 3

The AAMVA Automated Vehicles Subcommittee developed the Safe Testing and Deployment of Vehicles Equipped with Automated Driving Systems Guidelines, Edition 3, to provide voluntary recommended guidelines for motor vehicle administrations, law enforcement, manufacturers, and other entities for the safe testing and deployment of ADS-equipped vehicles and to provide information and recommendations related to ADAS vehicle technology.

taxonomy and definitions

Taxonomy and Definitions for Terms Related to Driving Automation Systems for On-Road Motor Vehicles

This document provides a taxonomy with detailed definitions for six levels of driving automation, ranging from no driving automation (level 0) to full driving automation (level 5).

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